Switched positioning and perception for ambitious fabricator

Challenge and change perceptions

Capital is a specialist in the design and build of switchgear and electrical systems for critical infrastructure and data centres. The management team had ambitious growth plans but needed to shift their positioning in the marketplace to achieve them. Capital had grown the capability and scale for high-value work, but they needed to shed their current image and story.

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Switch a deep-rooted perception, win higher value work

Over the past 5 years Capital’s capabilities had grown significantly. However, the company was still perceived as a solid pair of hands for the lower-value work rather than the people for high-value, mission-critical work. Capital's management team has ambitious growth plans, but they needed to shift their market positioning to achieve them. They needed to challenge and change perceptions to accelerate their move from Tier 3 to Tier 1 supplier. In addition, they urgently needed to ramp up recruitment.

"We had a minimal and basic digital presence, which did not represent who we are today or reflect the wealth of expertise the team had. It kept us from winning the type of work we wanted."

Mariona Ferrer, Business Development & Marketing Manager, Capital
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What we did
Reinvent Capital’s image, message and market engagement

A chance meeting sparked a conversation with Ed from Maverick, who evaluated their current position and mapped the road ahead. Over the next five months, the Maverick team sharpened the name, value proposition, messaging and image. The name evolved from Capital Switchgear to just Capital; shorter, cleaner, and more confident. All sales and marketing materials were re-written and re-designed. The Capital team became a feature of the new approach – bringing expertise and capability to the fore. A new website was designed and built, and the revised brand and image rolled out—everything to move from trusted journeyman to trusted expert, established, critical provider.

Primed for growth

The Capital project was one of the smoothest, fastest, most enjoyable projects we have ever completed in Maverick. The Capital team had their eyes firmly fixed on where they wanted to be and trusted their provider to take them there.

Steven Cullen, CEO of Capital, commented, "this is where we are going, the new look gives us the image and the confidence to drive on with our plans. The impact seems instantaneous - we were seen in a different light at our latest show in London."

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"We've been working on shifting our position, but for ourselves and the market, we needed the brand, image and messaging to match. Maverick did an amazing job of understanding us, seeing where we needed to be and taking us all there. The team at Maverick are an impressive bunch. Hard-working, extremely professional and a fantastic sense of humour! What a pleasure it has been to work with them. This work will tremendously contribute to our growth over the next ten years."

Mariona Ferrer, Business Development & Marketing Manager, Capital
Work Capital Logo Journey

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Key Deliverables

Brand Audit & Brand Strategy

Assessed the company's current situation and shaped a strategy to help re-position.

Clarify Foundations 

Clarify critical foundations such as purpose, positioning, value proposition and brand personality.

Brand Identity & Visual Style 

Developed a distinctive new brand identity and visual style.


Crafted all lead messaging and helped shape and develop all supporting content.


Created a bank of short video loops to help bring the team, work and facility to life on the website.

Product & People Photography

Two extensive on-site photoshoots, one for product photography and one to capture their people.


A straightforward, no-nonsense, hardworking website where all the content is precisely tuned to the target audience. Extensive sections for each of the four lead products and the careers section.

Brand Materials

Created a suite of brand materials.

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