An established, 
multi-disciplinary team  

We are a successful marriage of strategists, planners, designers, writers, engineers and marketeers with the capability to deliver from strategy through to complete execution. 

Brand & Comms Team

For twenty years, leading strategy, brand and communications developments, delivering everything from a critical message to a complete transformation.

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Team Comms Ed

Ed Field

Founder & Head of Strategy

Ed’s research, work and passion over the past 20 years has focused on how industrial and engineering-based companies can leverage brand and marketing, at a macro and micro level, to fire a more powerful engagement in the marketplace.

Team Comms Dave

David Cashman

Senior Communications Development Manager

A Maverick veteran of over 10 years, Dave has helped dozens of companies transform their branding and communications. Dave shapes and steers projects from start to finish, going deep to understand what's needed, planning all aspects of a project, and leading execution.

Marketing Team

Helping our clients build and sustain international brand awareness and engagement—a creative, analytical, agile team with deep expertise in many channels and tactics.

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Team Marketing Sharon Tighe

Sharon Tighe

Director of Marketing

Sharon is a solution-focused strategic & creative thinker with extensive experience in building engaging marketing strategies that align with business goals. She has worked on cross-channel, international communications for well-known brands like Skoda, Unilever & Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Team Marketing Grainne

Gráinne Leahy


Coming from a B2B technology marketing background, Gráinne is a data-focused marketer using performance metrics and insights to build precise and powerful marketing activities. Before Maverick, Gráinne worked with international brands such as Logitech, AlienVault, and SolarWinds.

Team Marketing Geraldine Oreilly

Geraldine O'Reilly

Senior Marketing Manager

Geraldine brings over a decade of B2B SaaS marketing expertise, specialising in strategy and digital campaigns, alongside customer and partnership relations. Before Maverick, she contributed to Clio, BrightWork, Techonomy, and Salesforce, demonstrating a comprehensive skill set across diverse marketing channels.

Design Team

Visual thinkers, artists and storytellers breathing life and form into brands, communications and campaigns: mastering colour, typography, experience, web, video and photography.

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Team Design Andy

Andrew Warner

Creative Director

A passionate creative with over 15 years of experience leading a practised studio team. Onboard with clients from initial strategic discussions through to the supervision of the fine details of execution. A storyteller at heart, Andy creates visual languages and design systems that enable world-class digital experiences and narratives.

Team Design Rhona

Rhona Ryan


Rhona has been a key member of Maverick's creative team for over a decade. Her multifaceted career has seen her migrate from head of print to senior digital designer, and today also serving as Maverick's chief video producer. Rhona's creative flair and understanding of colour and composition are second to none.

Team Design Cat

Caitriona Maher


Cat has over 10 years of experience as a designer in the communications industry since receiving a first-class honours MA in Design and Visual Communications. An advocate for best-practice design principles and future-orientated brand development. Outstanding in print and digital design, Cat leads and supports our clients through complete brand executions.

Web Engineering Team

If we can dream it, they can make it work. A world-class technical team with the clarity of thought and coding skills to produce and maintain perfect web experiences.

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Team Dev Dan

Dan Devine

Technical Director

Dan leads the web engineering team with hands-on system architecture expertise and vision, developing technical strategies and pushing the boundaries of possibility in website and web app engineering. Based on vast experience developing frontend and backend systems, Dan's technical insights steer and shape Maverick's technology direction and services.

Team Dev Cathal

Cathal Toomey

Lead Full Stack Web Engineer

The linchpin of the Web Engineering team, Cathal is a gifted full-stack engineer with equal mastery of backend and frontend systems, servers, and databases. Cathal executes the building of websites and web applications with unmatched focus and problem-solving skills. He graduated from UCC with a BSc in Computer Science.

Team Dev Tash

Tasha Regan

Full Stack Web Engineer

Tasha is a bright, talented web developer who brings rigour and creativity to her work across the stack: crafting CSS, writing and debugging JavaScript and developing CMS driven websites in PHP. Tasha graduated from UCC with a BA in Digital Humanities and Information Technology.

Wyne Ybanez

Wyne Ybanez

Full Stack Web Engineer

As the junior member of the Web Engineering team, Wyne assists with building and maintaining websites and web applications, authors detailed technical documentation and brings a positive and detail-oriented attitude to everything he does.


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