16-year full-service partnership powers market leadership

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Long-term relationship drives
steady, sustained growth

In 2001, Safety Storage quickly found a foothold in the Irish market for bespoke chemical storage solutions for the industrial sector. In 2006, the Safety Storage team felt that while their brand was growing and gaining traction with referral activity, they needed to put a focus on marketing to sustain growth, and our partnership began. To start, Maverick developed a more sales-driven website and took charge of building a robust search engine marketing programme. The success of the initial work opened the opportunity to execute a direct UK market entry, a hugely successful move for the company. Today, Safety Storage continues to outsource all its brand, communications, and marketing needs to Maverick, continuing a fruitful sixteen-year relationship.

Leverage marketing expertise
without an in-house marketing team

As early as 2006, Tom Considine, Managing Director, Safety Storage, saw the need to build digital marketing and engagement expertise. More specifically, there was a need to develop and manage a comprehensive sales-driven website and determine how to get exposure in search engines. Tom considered building in-house expertise, but a wide range of skills was required. He sought out a partner and selected Maverick. 

“Maverick has been our trusted marketing partner for over 16 years. They have been instrumental in growing our business. Their ability to open and grow the UK market for us has been paramount to our success.”

Tom Considine, Managing Director, Safety Storage Systems
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End-to-end, sustained
marketing solution

Maverick plan, execute and manage all aspects of Safety Storage’s marketing. Activities include extensive organic and paid search marketing, content generation, email marketing, social marketing, website optimisation, re-marketing, landing page development, display advertising and more.

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A proven marketing engine
drives leads, sales and growth

Our 16-year partnership has kept Safety Storage at the forefront of their industry in terms of brand, market engagement, digital strategy and sales. Search marketing has proven to be a powerful tactic for Safety Storage. Top rankings, in both paid and organic listings, for a massive range of phrases drive leads and sales. Advanced, comprehensive websites in the UK and Ireland empower the customer and deliver warm, detailed enquiries. This combination of solid search marketing and a robust website enabled Safety Storage to successfully enter the UK market without a physical presence. 

“Maverick’s outsourced marketing solution gives us a fully-formed, fully-managed marketing department without the challenge and cost of trying to do it ourselves.”

Tom Considine, Managing Director, Safety Storage Systems


Increase in website traffic in 2022.


Increase in organic search traffic in 2022.


Increase in online enquiries in 2022.

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Key Deliverables  

Fully Outsourced Marketing Solution

Maverick plan, execute and manage all aspects of Safety Storage’s marketing.

New Market Entry  

The Maverick team planned and executed a strategy to successfully break the UK market.

Search Marketing

We have built and maintained top rankings, in both paid and organic listings, for a massive range of phrases, in Ireland and the UK.

Advertising Campaigns

We run always-on and point-in-time advertising campaigns.

Website Optimisation

Research and experimentation to help maximise website visitor-to-lead conversion rates.

Content Generation 

Content to reinforce the brand’s position as an authority in the space and to support search marketing objectives.  

Measurement & Reporting 

The Maverick team provide reporting and insights to Safety Storage and works hand-in-hand with their sales team.



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