Identifying, engaging and recruiting 20 best-fit distributors, across 12 countries, with 2-year campaign

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Tailored message and
marketing strengthens
LSM’s global distribution network

LSM manufacture waste balers and compactors. Selling directly in Ireland and the UK and indirectly through distributors across the globe. In 2016, after a complete brand transformation and armed with a more powerful proposition and marketing platform, LSM wanted to greatly expand its global network of distributors.

Engaging best-fit distributors

LSM had an ambitious strategy to take their robust, reliable, easy-to-use products into new markets by establishing a wider group of distributors and resellers. For LSM to strengthen its distributor network, it needed to research and select the right markets, select best-fit potential distributors, and then proactively seek to bring them on board.  

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“The team at Maverick helped us shift from haphazard, reactive distributor recruitment to a much more proactive, successful approach.”

John Cummins, Co-Founder & Managing Director, LSM
What we did
Target, engage and
nurture new distributors

LSM has always found it challenging to reach and engage decision-makers within these companies. Together we crafted a strategy to cut through the noise and get their attention. We helped the LSM team to create a list of target countries and research and rank potential best-fit distributors in each. We shaped a new distributor pitch. Then we developed a supporting brochure, case study, and landing page. We wrote articles on topics of interest to distributors. And finally, we created a campaign plan and designed a bank of adverts. All assets were translated and adapted as we rolled into more markets over a two-year period. Due to the scale of engagement, as the programme progressed, we also built a Distributor Portal to more easily share extensive onboarding, training, and sales assets with prospective and recruited distributors.

A footprint in 30 countries
across the globe

With a comprehensive marketing programme, LSM could reach into markets they had thought were beyond their reach. The programme enabled LSM to forge its path and grow at scale internationally. LSM massively expanded and strengthened its distributor network, recruited five new distributors within the first six months, and another 20 over the following 18 months. Today LSM have a footprint in 30 countries across the globe.

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“Maverick showed us how we could reach and engage anyone, anywhere. With our new positioning, brand and confidence, we were no longer pushing a commodity; we were now identifying, engaging and vetting brand ambassadors.”

John Cummins, Co-Founder & Managing Director, LSM


New distributors directly attributed to the marketing activity in the first six months.


New distributors directly attributed to the marketing activity within 2 years.


LSM products now represented in 20 new territories and 12 new countries.

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Key Deliverables

Market Analysis, Campaign Strategy & Management

Maverick developed and refined the campaign strategy and plan in collaboration with LSM.

Segmentation, Targeting & Localisation 

Working with the LSM team, we developed the target list of markets and accounts. Each market required tailored messaging, content and advertising. 

Content Creation

We shaped a new distributor pitch and developed a supporting brochure, case study, and landing page. We wrote articles on topics of interest to distributors.

Brand & Sales Assets  

Maverick created a bank of assets in multiple languages to support the campaign, sales and distributor onboarding.

Media Planning & Buying 

Assets and channels were chosen for impact and reach, including precise display advertising, paid search, re-marketing, email and LinkedIn advertising. 

Demand Generation, Reporting and Analysis 

Results were regularly tracked and reported to the LSM team. Close alignment with the LSM sales teams allowed for activity optimisation and sharing of insights across the broader team.



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