Accelerating US market penetration for European manufacturer

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Precision targeting, high-value content, and careful nurturing opens big doors

Carey Glass operates Europe’s largest glass processing facility and ships more than 100,000 square meters of processed glass weekly. Having established its position in Ireland, the UK and Europe, Carey Glass set eyes on winning top-tier commercial glazing projects in North America.

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Sparking relationships with leading architects and glazing contractors

The company had spent five decades building their position in Europe, but for the US, its ambition was to develop a strong market position in just two years. They tried a direct sales approach, but this route put them on the back foot, made the wrong impression, and doors stayed shut. To be successful, Carey Glass needed to elevate its position. Move to the higher ground of an impressive, polished, technical leader.

“Maverick developed and executed a very precise marketing strategy, and the depth of their audience profiling and targeting and quality of their campaign enabled us to get in front of the exact architect and glazing partners that we had been struggling to engage.’’

Mike Carew, Sales Director North America, Carey Glass
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Take the higher ground

Maverick collaborated with Carey Glass’s sales team to establish an exact target profile and to build a definitive list of companies and individuals who would become our sole target audience for a specific, account-based lead generation programme.

We worked with Carey’s technical team to produce a comprehensive paper on the critical engineering challenges and possibilities for big glass in large buildings. Focusing on the current hot topics for architects and glazing contractors.

Maverick’s marketing, design, and technical teams planned and built an extensive, multi-channel, multi-touch engagement programme, including a matrix of automated nurturing emails. The campaign focused on lead generation, with a softer supporting brand campaign in parallel.

Accelerated new market penetration

The campaign created a step-change for Carey Glass in North America. Doors, previously firmly shut, began to open. Conversations began, RFPs flowed in, projects were won, and new relationships established. North American and Canadian sales have grown to >30% of the total commercial sales for Carey Glass in just four years. This campaign is an excellent example of how marketing can accelerate new market penetration. 

‘’Thanks to Maverick’s superb campaign, we established relationships with some of the top architectural and glazing firms in North America, resulting in us winning significant new business in this market.”

Mike Carew, Sales Director North America, Carey Glass
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Marketing qualified leads (MQL) generated from architects and glaziers in North America & Canada in the first six months.



Sales conversations in the first six months. 38% of MQLs led to immediate sales conversations.



Major project opportunities from the first six months.



In four years, North American & Canadian sales now account for >30% of Carey Glass commercial glazing sales.

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Key Deliverables

Campaign Strategy

In collaboration with the Carey Glass team, Maverick developed the campaign strategy and plan.

Segmentation & Targeting 

Account intelligence from the North American sales team and 3rd party data sources were used to build a target account list.

Central High-Value Content Piece  

The key asset used to leverage engagement was a comprehensive guide to big glass and big glazing.

Brand and Sales Assets Creation  

Maverick created a bank of advertising and sales assets to support the campaign and sales team. 

Media Planning & Buying 

Channels and positions very carefully chosen. Precision targeting, low volume, but high cost.

Automated Email Programme

After downloading the guide, prospects were nurtured via an automated yet highly personal email programme.

Campaign Management, Reporting and Analysis 

This campaign required close attention and sustained optimisation to break through to high-value vital contacts and ensure all leads received appropriate and prompt treatment: with live results, data and insights shared between the Maverick and Carey Glass teams. 



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