Account-based strategy opens up North American market

Uncover how a strategic account-based marketing programme helped Europe’s leading independent glass processor Carey Glass to break through barriers in the North American market.

Carey Glass
Glass Processing
Sales teams worldwide – factories in Ireland and the U.K.
North America (already firmed established in Europe)
Target Personnel:
Project and Principal Architects, Project Managers,
Specifiers, Estimators and Designers.
Client since:
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  • Goal

    Become known in the North American market. Carey Glass approached Maverick to develop and execute a strategic marketing programme that would open conversations and develop business relationships with the major architectural and glazing firms in the United States and Canada specialising in high-value, high rise glazing projects.

  • Strategy

    Identifying target accounts

    Through interviews, analysis and research, Maverick were able to zone in on the top firms involved with large scale, high-rising glazing projects, their operating regions and the job titles of the key decision makers within those companies.

    The result was a definitive list of companies and individuals who would become our sole target audience for a precise, account-based marketing programme.

    Create content of value

    Architects and glaziers are presented with various brochures, samples and price lists every week. To cut through the crowd, Carey Glass needed to take a different approach.

    Maverick worked with Carey Glass to plan, research, craft, design and publish an eGuide which dived deep into the top trends, challenges and applications of high-rise glazing in North America and around the world. A valuable content piece that would truly engage the architecture world.

    Launch precise lead gen tactics

    Maverick placed this high value, thought leadership content piece behind a gated landing page, requiring form completion to download, offering a means of funnelling prospects into the sales and marketing pipeline.

    Targeted social advertising and content syndication platforms enabled us to promote this eGuide to relevant personnel within our target list of accounts and bring them to the gated landing page to submit their details.

    Nurture personal relationships

    After downloading the initial guide, prospects were nurtured via an automated yet highly personal e-mail programme from the Carey Glass North American Sales Director.

    Relationships developed, and conversations naturally began to open as a result of this personal, e-mail lead nurturing programme, enabling the Sales Director the opportunity to book sales meetings and calls and send over specs and quotes for upcoming projects.

    Elevate the brand

    If Carey Glass were going to make serious headway in the North American market, they not only needed to open conversations, but elevate their brand recognition.

    Supporting lead generation advertising with a series of brand marketing activities including social selling, organic social media posts, digital banner advertising and remarketing was critical to solidifying recognition and increasing trust and credibility among target accounts.


(after initial 6-month marketing programme)

marketing qualified leads. Generated from U.S. and Canadian architects and glaziers
sales conversations. 38% of MQLs led to immediate follow up sales conversations
significant sales opportunities including one of the top 3 U.S. architectural firms
Maverick executed a very precise marketing strategy to get us in front of and establish key relationships with some of the top architect and glazing firms in North America. This will be significant for winning new business in this market.
Mike Carew, North American Sales Director, Carey Glass