Harness the power of best practice comms to fuel international growth

Carey Glass operate Europe’s largest glass processing facility and ship more than 100,000 square meters of processed glass, each week, to construction sites globally.

Carey Glass
Nenagh, Ireland
Glass processing
Client since:
  • Needing sharper tools to break new ground

    In recent times their front line sales people were seeing that their sales materials and particularly their website was doing little to help engage, warm and convert new prospects – especially in the North American market where they were breaking new ground.

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  • Clarifying the need and agreeing a programme

    Over a 4-week period, Maverick undertook an audit of their sales and marketing communications and that of their closest competitors. The assessment and insights were presented to Carey’s senior management team along with a suggested programme for re-development. We all agreed that the cost of a re-brand could be avoided but that everything else needed to be re-thought and re-crafted.

sales presentation

Above: Powerpoint Template Deck

  • Re-building comms from the ground up

    Over a 6-month period we brought Carey Glass through our end-to-end, well-honed, proven comms development programme. We examined and re-defined such fundamentals as their Purpose, Positioning, Personality, Value Proposition, as well as completely re-shaping the fundamental construct of their communications. We re-crafted all of their top level messaging and worked closely with their sales and engineering teams to re-write all supporting copy. We planned and directed an extensive 4-day shoot at their Nenagh facility. Outputs included a new website, sales presentations, proposal documentation and print materials.

  • The right first impression

    Mike Carew, Sales Director for Carey Glass in North America, was first to report back on the value of the new approach; “This has completely shifted the perception of us in North America. Where I was concerned about new prospects going to our website before, now it warms them up, and then we have a very sharp sales presentation that further strengthens our position when we get a meeting. This is a new competitive edge, no doubt about it.”