Realising a global ambition

Their goal was wide-ranging, and there was an immediate time sensitivity. For speed and agility, Solgari decided against building an internal team and instead sought a marketing partner who could deliver a complete communications and marketing solution.

Dublin, Ireland
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  • Being many things to many people can complicate a message. Solgari needed a clear, compelling pitch.

    We began by establishing a crystal clear understanding of their purpose. Extensive discussions and workshop sessions defined how Solgari could position themselves differently in the competitive market and in the mind of prospective clients. “Maverick did a really good job of understanding what is a hugely complex offering and communicating it in a clear, simple way” Ed Grant, CFO, Solgari.

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  • To establish themselves in a highly competitive global market, Solgari needed a vibrant, distinctive global identity.

    The challenge was taking a tech start-up and re-positioning them to appear as an established, international, enterprise-level company in the eyes of their audiences. The result is a sharp, intelligent look and feel that conveys the dynamism of the brand and reflects the innovative possibilities that a cloud-based solution can offer.

Top marks to Maverick’s design team. They delivered exactly the type of brand and visual style we needed.
Ed Grant
  • Solgari intend to transform enterprise telecommunications through technology—and need marketing materials that can communicate that.

    Keeping the language simple and the design streamlined, we produced a consolidated array of brand assets to establish the new position of Solgari, and drive results across all of their communications. Included in the delivery was an innovative website, sales decks, brochures, presentations, email templates, datasheets, digital ads, stationery, social media assets and other materials that helped prospects easily understand both the service on offer and its potential value for their organisations.

Maverick are both a trusted advisor and an enabler. They help us shape plans, contribute a lot of ideas and can turn things around very quickly when needed. They have played a key role in our success to date and now, together, we’re taking things to the next level.
Ed Grant, CFO, Solgari
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