Engaging and expanding a client portfolio

Ready to step up their communications to drive this ambition, Miagen sought a specialist B2B agency with the ability to understand their business, clients and markets, along with the expertise to deliver an end-to-end, world-class solution. They found just that.

Dublin, Ireland
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  • With several clear and immediate objectives set, Miagen required some quick-win tactics to spark movement on this ambition.

    We addressed these pressing business needs with sophisticated direct-response campaigns, white papers and website enhancements that helped Miagen see immediate progress, which led to further confidence they were headed in the right direction.

sales brochure design
  • To fuel new, productive conversations, Miagen had to understand and speak more directly to their clients’ needs.

    After a successful initial engagement, we embarked on a complete transformation of Miagen’s communications. We started with the fundamentals, helping to clarify their purpose, positioning, personality and value proposition. It quickly became apparent that a shift in messaging was required: Miagen needed to speak less about the features of their impressive technology and speak more about the value they could deliver for clients.

  • A highly professional, confident, global identity would help empower Miagen to connect with and impress major organisations.

    A timeless logo and bold colour gradients help to convey an established yet dynamic and forward thinking company. Polished, aspirational photography present Miagen as a capable, accomplished and modern global partner. Precise phrasing, straightforward explanations and well developed stories help prospects connect with the benefits of choosing Miagen.

  • A complete, consistent brand rollout equipped Miagen to pursue prospects with confidence.

    We developed a full suite of rebranded assets that provided Miagen with a solid platform from which to target key sectors, initiate important conversations and power new marketing tactics.

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