Niche marketing engages global sales opportunities for SaaS provider

Explore the integrated marketing strategy which generated global demand and sales opportunities for Solgari’s SaaS communications platform across the FinTech and financial services sectors.

SaaS communications platform
Dublin, London and Sydney
Western Europe, APAC, North America
FinTech, Financial Services
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  • Goal

    Generate sales opportunities.
    With increasingly stringent compliance regulations governing communications in the FinTech and Financial Services sector, Solgari saw a compelling need in the market for their omni-channel SaaS communications solution. Their goal was to drive demand and generate qualified sales opportunities for this unique and innovative solution among progressive FinTech and financial services companies.

  • Strategy

    Build targeted awareness.
    Establishing a position as a trusted, authoritative thought leader on communications compliance in the FinTech and financial services sectors laid a strong foundation for direct lead generation activities. Transforming Solgari’s social profiles into valuable information hubs, sharing content weekly in industry groups and paid promotion of industry whitepapers and articles cemented credibility among FinTech and financial services companies.

    Define a specific buyer profile.
    Using a variety of data sources and leveraging insights from the sales team on the ground, Maverick helped Solgari to establish a best-fit target buyer profile and identify the specific attributes of decision makers and influencers within target companies.

    Prime the sales funnel.
    We researched and developed three gated industry reports which resonated with our target buyer profile within target FinTech and Financial Services companies. These content assets provided an effective hook for precise demand generation campaigns, building the top of the sales funnel with a steady flow of leads. Demand generation activities were supported by personalised event marketing e-mail campaigns, engaging direct face-to-face meetings with executives at global FinTech events.

    Create tools for conversion.
    Downloading a content piece demonstrated only a prospect’s interest in Solgari’s solution, not their intent to buy. To engage these prospects to trial or demo Solgari’s SaaS solution required further education and nurturing. We created a wealth of sales enablement content, introduced multiple sales touchpoints and worked with the sales team to build relationships, identify buyer intent and nurture prospects towards a sale.


A pipeline of highly qualified leads.

Maverick exceeded target MQLs by 80% and achieved a 15% lead to demo conversion rate on pipeline leads, delivering almost 50 qualified, global sales opportunities across FinTech and financial services sectors in Q1 and Q2.

MQLs achieved (across Q1 & Q2)
Lead to demo conversion rate
Exceeded target SQL by