Direct marketing expands distributor network and customer base in Europe

Learn how a structured account-based marketing programme helped LSM Engineering grow their network of distributors and resellers and engage direct customers in Northern and Eastern Europe.

LSM Engineering
Waste Balers and Compactors
Sales teams worldwide – manufacturing HQ in Ireland
Direct Sales – Large Retail Chains,
Distributors – Waste Equipment & Machinery Re-Sellers
Client since:
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  • Goal

    Fuel company growth by recruiting distributors and engaging direct business. LSM partnered with Maverick to implement a structured marketing programme which would support them in significantly growing their distributor network and generating direct sales opportunities with large retailer chains in Northern and Eastern Europe.

  • Strategy

    Strengthen brand presence. Before launching any direct marketing to target accounts or potential distributors in Northern and Eastern Europe, LSM needed to establish a brand presence and solidify their credibility in these key markets.

    Maverick executed multi-lingual paid search marketing advertising campaigns, crafted published social media posts and content relevant to target markets and implemented an always-on remarketing strategy to elevate LSM’s brand awareness in Northern and Eastern Europe and directly complement ABM demand generation activities in these regions.

    Go direct to distributors. Maverick worked with the LSM sales team to identify the target distributors to focus on in Northern and Eastern Europe, plan the best marketing channels to use and unveil the content topics of most interest to this audience.

    We helped LSM to craft a distributor case study, that adopted the style of a business case and worked with LSM’s Managing Director to execute a direct mail, e-mail and social selling programme into key contacts at each target account, using the distributor case study as a hook to engage conversation.

    Remarketing and account-based marketing advertising platforms were also used to pitch the benefits of a distributor partnership with LSM and invite distributor enquiries form target accounts.

    Engage opportunities from large value retailers. Maverick worked with LSM to tailor a target, best-fit account list of 30 large value retailers across 13 countries. With an ABM list in place, we then developed compelling content assets, leveraging LSM’s big name retail clients, to influence the right people at each target retailer.

    This content was featured in a highly direct, multi-channel, peer-to-peer marketing programme enabling the LSM team to engage lucrative sales opportunities with key personnel at target retailers.


(initial results after 6 month marketing programme)

45 SQLs
from distributors across 9 different countries, leading to 7 direct partner opportunities
23 SQLs
from key retailers stimulating sales opportunities with 5 key retail groups
Maverick has massively shortened the journey to our customer. Our sales cycle is much shorter and requires less work, resulting in huge savings in time and resources required to win new business. Without doubt Maverick have accelerated our growth.
John Cummins, Managing Director, LSM