Precision marketing helps tech SME take on corporate giants

Discover the precise marketing strategy which opened locked doors for the sales team at Emisoft, a global EMS SaaS provider, among some of the world’s largest oil and gas, chemicals and mining companies.

Emisoft AS
Environmental Management Software (SaaS)
Bergen, Norway
Western Europe, North America
Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Metals & Mining
Client since:
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  • Goal

    Engage global top 100 companies. Despite garnering high profile clients, Emisoft was often overlooked in favour of larger competitors in the environmental management software space. Focussing on the Oil & Gas, Chemicals, and Metals & Mining industries, Emisoft needed to attract and engage global top 100 companies, building the relationships required to ensure their software solution was listed for consideration.

  • Strategy

    Establish strong marketing foundations. Building a clear and credible profile in the market was imperative as a firm base for launching demand generation activities. Transforming Emisoft’s social profiles into EHS thought leadership hubs, increasing their participation in industry groups and owning the global search space for niche search phrases positioned them as established players in the market.

    Generate demand from key sectors. Maverick created and executed a portfolio of smart, precise marketing activities that enabled Emisoft to contend with big budget market competitors. A 5-step demand generation programme which zoned in on a precise target profile and addressed the specific needs of decision makers and influencers at prospect accounts, was executed across each target sector.

    Lead qualification activities uncovered the warmest prospects, those most likely “in market”. Relationship building activities and sales enablement techniques then worked to convert those “in-market” prospects into sales meetings and demos.


Immediate sales demos and a long-term pipeline of opportunities.

Maverick built a pipeline of qualified leads from each of Emisoft’s three target sectors, which despite a long decision-making process, converted immediately into 15 sales conversations and demos, as well as long-term opportunities to be invited to tender for EHS solutions.

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