Using online to engage and influence the end customer throughout Europe

Can we use our online presence to help support our animal feed sales in European markets? Can you we connect directly with the end customer and influence their purchasing decision?

Glanbia - Gain Feeds division
Kilkenny, Ireland
Animal feeds
Client since:
  • Deepen market penetration in Europe

    For farmers, horse trainers, and even pet owners choosing or switching animal feeds is a considered decision. What those customers read online can influence such decisions and Glanbia recognise that fact. When their Gain Feeds division was looking to deepen its market penetration in Europe the program needed to include a re-think and re-vamp of its online presence. We began helping with this work in early 2013.

multi-lingual website
  • Needing a more compelling case for Gain

    Gain’s existing, english only, website reflected poorly on the brand. Multilingual copy was only available from pdf downloads. The site was difficult to manage, and, of greatest concern, the site was failing to present a compelling case for choosing Gain products.

  • A European wide website strategy

    We helped Gain develop a European wide website strategy and then we developed the copy, graphics and communications elements to execute this strategy.

  • Crafting engaging, persuasive messaging

    We used workshops and some informal customer interviews to deepen our understanding of Gain’s offering and their customers. Then, based on this understanding, we created all the top level messaging for the website.

Maverick brings real value to our organisation. They have an impressive ability to really understand both our needs and those of our customers. Maverick have created top class strategic plans, messaging and marketing collateral. They enable us to communicate in a clear, engaging manner.
Rob O’Keeffe, Marketing Manager, Glanbia Agribusiness
  • One site serving all devices

    The new site features a responsive design; it re-configures itself for mobile devices, so that one site serves all users.

mobile website
  • One site serving all markets

    The website was built on a flexible, easy to use Content Management System, enabling the Gain team to rollout multilingual versions.

  • Engaging and influencing the end customer

    Glanbia now have an online presence to help support animal feed sales in European markets. They can connect directly with the end customer and influence their purchasing decision.