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They recognised that refocused, recharged marketing would be the spark to push them forward to the next level. They didn’t have a marketing team, so they sought out an insightful, capable marketing partner to help realise their ambitions and reach this ambitious goal.

Limerick, Ireland
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  • To clearly communicate Cashbook’s highly technical, complex solution, we first had to become clear on the fundamentals.

    We worked closely with Cashbook to develop and clarify their purpose, positioning, personality and core value proposition. From there, we created an opening line that would encapsulate their offering and connect with prospects: “We’ve got banks and ERPs talking.”

Maverick’s process led to some deep soul-searching for us as a company, a deep re-examination of ourselves. We had really useful and enlightening discussions that helped us clarify who we are and what we do for whom.
Greg Coulter, CEO, Cashbook
  • A sharp, premium, established global style would enable Cashbook to inspire confidence and win business from major clients worldwide.

    Cashbook’s ambition required a complete reinvention of the company’s brand and image. Helpful and easy-to-digest graphics explained how their solution fit in the financial ecosystem, and a bespoke photo shoot brought the expert team to life, showing that Cashbook is more than the excellent technology they offer.

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  • For Cashbook’s newly defined positioning and branding to connect with the people that mattered, it had to be consistent.

    By implementing the new look and using streamlined and simplified language across all touchpoints, we developed a full suite of sales and marketing assets that communicated Cashbook’s offering in a way that potential client could relate to and, further to that, were excited about.

I’m a big fan of Maverick. They really have done a lot of excellent work for us, and 2015 has been our biggest year ever. It’s been a great experience.
Greg Coulter, CEO, Cashbook
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