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A step-by-step guide to making video testimonials

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We all know that word of mouth helps a company reach new audiences and build a positive brand reputation. But once you're established and have happy, repeat customers, it's time to expand that idea. What if word of mouth could reach a wider audience? Producing a series of client video testimonials may seem daunting. However, video testimonials are an excellent way for businesses to show off a successful company, service or product and increase their brand by allowing others to witness it first-hand. Video testimonials are a great tool to help your sales team convince buyers. They can also be used as an advertising tool, as social media content, and to assist buyers in the research stage. And yes, there are a few things to consider. But following a straightforward approach, it will seem more manageable. So, let's get started! 

Reading the customer

First, you need to understand the business story from your customer's perspective. Then, you'll need to talk with your customer to understand and shape their story, gauging how comfortable they might be in front of the camera. Keep these calls short, taking up as little of your customer's time as possible. From this, you will be able to develop a loose narrative to guide the interview and plan a set-up and interview style that best suits the customer.

Be Prepared

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail, as the saying goes. Work with the designated customer point-of-contact to arrange arrival times, shoot location, building access etc. Share questions and appropriate attire recommendations with the interviewee - it will help them prepare too. Arrive at least 1 hour before the interview starts so you can fully set the scene.

Make it easy

Aim to use your customers' time as little as possible and make the whole process easy for them. Ensure everything is 100% checked and ready before the client walks in the door.  

Get the story

Adopt an interviewing style to suit your customer's style and story. You've already had a meeting to discuss the story, so you should already have an outline plan. There is a balance to be struck here between getting the story while keeping the interviewee comfortable and natural.

Craft the story

Now that you have the video footage, it's time to create the storyboard and how the flow of the testimonial should be based on the content collected. To put your video together, weave in any b-roll footage that would be suitable (for example, footage of your business). Add music if required, polish the sound on the voice recording, and add an intro and an outro.


Creating client testimonials can sound like a mammoth project, but, as you can see, it can be separated into simple steps to make the project a success. And look what you have to show for your efforts. Excellent, engaging content guaranteed to showcase your company at its best to an audience previously beyond your reach.

Client testimonials are authentic social proof, and video testimonials are one of the most engaging and versatile forms of social proof available. The Maverick team have created a wide range of video client testimonials. Contact Rhona and the team today to learn more about planning and designing your highly effective testimonial videos. 



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