Working Together

Capable, passionate marketing provider seeks deep, long term, highly productive relationships.

You’re looking for a capable, energetic, trustworthy, digitally adept, marketing provider. We’re looking for deep, long term, productive relationships with ambitious, innovative companies. To discover if we’re meant for each other please get in touch to arrange an initial exploratory call with Ed.

About You

Need to strengthen your marketing strategy, communications and tactics. Ready for faster growth.

Market a business,
a brand, a division?

Whether marketing a company, an organisation, a business division, a specific service or product we follow the same end-to-end, proven approach; strategy, communications, tactics.

Small, medium or large?

We fit ambitious clients who are looking for one end-to-end marketing partner. The size of the business tends not to be a key factor in determining fit, the size of the opportunity is more important.

Your location

Currently we work with clients who are headquartered in either Ireland or the UK. During the first few weeks of each new engagement we spend several days on site and clients will often visit us here in Killaloe. Following that, most of the work progresses via email and phone. We conduct face-to-face program reviews at least every six months.

Domestic or international market?

Approximately 30% of our marketing work targets the UK, 50% the rest of the world and 20% Ireland. We are experts at crafting clear, universal communications that work across all markets. When translation and localisation are required we work with our client’s local team and their translation partners. We also help our Irish client’s make best use of Enterprise Ireland’s local market resources.

B2B or B2C? Your niche?

Approximately 70% of our work is business to business marketing, the balance being business to consumer. Several of our clients have both B2B and B2C needs. We’re particularity adept at understanding and marketing complex, technical, B2B offerings.

Big, small or no marketing team?

We shape the program to fit the resources available. For some clients, such as SME’s and funded start-up’s, we manage all their marketing needs, we are their marketing department. For larger clients we work in unison with their marketing team.

Need a senior marketing partner?

If you need a senior marketing partner with excellent communications, design and technical abilities then please get in touch.

About us

We help you use powerful marketing to make the greatest possible difference for your organisation.

We are a marketing services provider with deep digital expertise. We plan and fully execute. Our expertise encompasses the development of communications strategies, branding, copywriting, the creation of all marketing collateral and the development of all marketing tactics.

We're a little different

Like marketing consultants we develop marketing strategies, but unlike them we have a full production team to ensure the strategy is executed exactly as intended. Like web design companies we create websites, but first we ensure you have the right website strategy and have excellent ingredients. Like advertising agencies we develop advertising campaigns, but before you commit to significant paid media we make sure you’re fully tapping all non paid media opportunities. Like digital marketing agencies we help drive online visibility and engagement, but unlike them we carefully weigh up the value of all marketing tactics, both online and offline.

We enjoy great work and great results.

  • We Question

    We are naturally curious. We go deep. We ask ‘Why?’. We clarify the truth. We see the wood from the trees.

  • We Organise

    We organise all with military precision; plans, projects, campaigns. We bring order to disorder.

  • We’ve a Potent Mix

    Our team is a potent mix of marketing, creative, technical and analytical talent.

  • 10 8 9

    We’ve High Standards

    We challenge ourselves to continually produce better work, every day, every week, ever year. To be the very best we can be.

  • A Collaboration of Talent

    Producing smart plans, brilliant copy, perfect designs and technical marvels.

  • We Celebrate Success

    We relish every opportunity to make a significant difference. We enjoy great work and great results.

Working Together

We’ll journey with you, taking on challenges, persisting, adapting, helping you reach your full potential.

What are we like to work with?

As you know, strong relationships are key to success. We endeavour to do all we can to develop close, open, honest, respectful, trusting relationships with our clients. Our clients, kind people that they are, say they find us to be professional, honest, organised, focused, challenging in a good way, determined but yet relaxed.

We can pick up the phone and get to talk to Ed or Shellie as we need. We appreciate the easy, direct accessibility to the seniors.
Rob O’Keeffe , Glanbia

How do we charge?

We charge for our time by the hour. We provide detailed, fixed price quotations for each phase of work. Hourly rates vary from €50 to €160 per hour.

How does our relationship
start and develop?

Our initial engagement usually begins with a transformative marketing program, but it can also begin with some ‘quick wins’ or to serve an immediate, specific need. Your first step is to arrange an initial exploratory call with Ed.

How do we measure success?

For every project we undertake, large or small, we seek to set clear, measurable targets. Our purpose is to deliver significant commercial results so we expect to be held accountable to specific targets. In some instances, where feasible and agreeable, an element of our remuneration is tied to targets.