How we do it

A seamless end-to-end program
that’s delivering exceptional results.

You know that you can innovate all you like, make all you can, build a great team but it’s for nothing if don’t have a marketing engine to attract, engage and persuade a significant, sustained flow of customers. By working through three distinct phases of development we’ll help you build a more powerful marketing engine.


Developing smart marketing communications strategies

Technology is revolutionising communications and marketing. Today we can more easily reach prospects around the corner and around the world. We’ll help you re-think your marketing strategy to take full advantage of new opportunities.

A deep, clear understanding of your company, customers and competitors

We take the time to deeply understand your company, your customers and your marketplace. We equip ourselves with a clear understanding of your reality so that together we ensure you have the smartest possible marketing communications strategy. To gain this understanding we lead workshops with your management team and others. We audit your current communications and marketing activities. We survey and interview customers. We audit your competitors’ communications and marketing tactics.

Clarify your core proposition

What’s the purpose of the business or the brand? Why does it exist? What difference are you trying to make? We ask these fundamental questions to ensure we have a simple, real, worthy, defendable core message at the centre of all your communications. The more defined and passionate the purpose, the more powerful the marketing. Many struggle to define their true purpose but we can help, we know what to look for and we know how to find it.

Define what to own in the customer’s mind

The marketplace is busy. Your prospects are busy. You need to cut through the noise to win new business. To do that, it helps to focus in on one small space that you will try to own in the customer’s mind. To burn in one idea. Ryanair burn in ‘cheap’, Coke ‘happiness’, John Deere ‘quality’ and Amazon ‘easy’. Yes these are all huge brands, with huge budgets, but all businesses can, and need, to use this tactic. We help define the position you can take in your customer's mind.

Determine a smart, clear marketing communications strategy

Once the needs of the business and the customer are clear and your purpose and position are defined, we help develop a smart, clear, achievable marketing communications strategy. The strategy outlines the opportunity, key challenges, mix of tactics, who does what and when, resources required and how we will measure success.

Tactics before strategy is the noise before defeat.
Sun Tzu


Building engaging, persuasive, comprehensive communications.

We craft the image and the words that will engage and move your prospects and customers. Using our communications expertise and our capability in technology we help you harness the full power of today’s communications channels to build a significant, defendable competitive advantage.

Defining and strengthening your brand personality

We define the personality (visual style and tone of voice) to be used in all your marketing communications. Where required, we can re-vitalise or re-create your visual style and tone of voice. For many we create a new brand identity, set brand guidelines and help roll out the new brand.

Crafting an engaging, persuasive pitch for your offering

We craft the logic, words, tone, ideas and stories that will engage and move people. We shape a pitch that will immediately grab a prospect's interest, that will quickly explain how you can make a difference for them and move them to action. We weave this powerful pitch into all your sales and marketing materials.

Copywriting, photography, video production & graphics

Quality ingredients produce quality communications. We determine, plan and produce all the necessary ingredients; copy, images, graphics and video. For most clients we produce, or at least edit, all copy used in their sales and marketing materials. We direct, shoot and edit photography and video. When required we also collaborate with a team of specialist, carefully selected audio visual partners.

Producing websites, brochures & advertisements

Using quality ingredients (brand identity, pitch, full copy, images and video) we produce high quality, powerful communications pieces. The main and central element usually being a website. We produce detailed website plans, full sets of detailed wireframe drawings, full sets of design concepts and we build websites (all design and build work is done in-house, we don’t outsource). Using the same ingredients we produce all the required communications materials; brochures, sales presentations, trade show materials, stationery sets etc.

We’ve gone from being a little embarrassed about our image to being immensely proud.
Alan O’Kane, Managing Director, Dortek


Developing a set of proven marketing tactics.

Why do businesses fail to connect with those who have a compelling need for their offering? It’s either because they don’t have the communications that engage and persuade people and or they don’t have the marketing tactics to reach them in the first place.

Reaching new prospects

We help plan, implement, optimise and develop a set of marketing tactics to reach all those who have a compelling need for your offering. We shake up your current tactics and develop new ones. Activities might include search marketing, direct mail, advertising or LinkedIn prospecting. The goal is to develop a set of tactics for you that are proven to drive sales leads and sales.

Engage prospects and customers

We help develop marketing tactics that are proven to develop ongoing engagement from prospects and customers. Activities could include database development, content creation and publishing, and sharing news and special offers via email and social channels. Tactics that are proven to drive repeat purchase, upsell, cross sell and stimulate referrals.

Measure, support and optimise

Whether we fully manage tactics, or guide and support your sales and marketing team, we keep a top level view on your marketing program. We ensure you have the right measurement solution and all is implemented and managed as intended. Together we maximise results.

The expertise and resources to deliver
transformative marketing programs

  • Full marketing team

    Keen, commercially minded researchers

    The expertise to know who, what and how to ask. Understanding you, your customers and your competitors. Uncovering the full facts using workshops, interviews, surveys, website analytics etc...

    Senior marketing people

    The experience, objectivity and vision to help see the ideal path. Working with your management team to determine and deliver strategy, communications and tactics.

    Meticulous planners

    The expertise and knowledge to define the detail. Smart, realistic marketing plans. Expert plans for specific tactics. Highly detailed website plans.

  • Full production team

    Talented, senior creatives

    Brilliant ideas, engaging and persuasive copywriting, powerful design for brands, print and web. Developing full brand identities, photography, videos, websites, advertisements, brochures and trade show experiences.

    Excellent technical capability

    Clean, logical, cutting edge coding. Fully responsive designs (for mobile and tablet), seamless widget integration and flexible content management systems. Technical solutions to track, monitor and measure everything.

    Experienced marketing specialists

    Experience and expertise in all online and offline tactics; search, social, direct mail and email, advertising and more.